Using our collection/delivery service, you can use Inflate & Kreate to celebreate occasions by means of our balloon gifts. We offer the stuffed balloon service to create personalised, gift filled balloons for your loved ones. We offer contents such as Flowers, Chocolates, Scratch Cards, Gift Cards, Cash, Candles, Fragrances plus much more. Check out our Stuffed Balloons in the Gallery for inspiration with your next celebration.
Is a party... really a party without balloons?! Inflate & Kreate specialise in creating outstanding event decor for every celebration. Indoor or outdoor, we can create Bespoke Displays, Arches, Columns, Table & Ceiling Decor plus more!
Inflate & Kreate offer a fast and effective door-to-door delivery service. We cover Birmingham plus surrounding areas, and also offer a direct collection service from within the Castle Vale B35 area.

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When you hire Inflate & Kreate for your events, we take absolute pride in being a part of your celebrations. We put every effort into making your experience with us as friendly and effective as possible. Communicating with clients and understanding their needs is a high priority for us. Please be assured that you will always receive a high quality service with Inflate & Kreate.

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Arches are extremely eye-catching at events. Their shape can be altered to fit in many different vicinities within venues, as well as outdoors. Single/double doorway entrances, window displays, cake table displays and outdoor car drive throughs are just some of the options available.

Sculptures are a personal favourite of Inflate & Kreate as they are so unique and personal. We can create bespoke characters such as a Bride and Groom, or even your favourite TV cartoon character.

Our bubble balloons include a range of contents to suit the recipient. They can include: Confetti, Balloons, Glitter, Feathers and our new addition… Foam Beads!

Personalise your stuffed balloons with messages such as “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or “Just popping by to say Happy Birthday!”. Guaranteed to make smiles happen!

From original balloon bouquets to champagne explosion displays, Inflate & Kreate will work with you to ensure your event is memorable!

Number displays are our most popular deliverable item. Perfect for home celebrations and for complementing additional decor.

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